give Raw Brass back it’s shine

Brass Hoop Earrings -Creative Finds

Have your Raw Brass pieces lost their lustre?

The beautiful sheen will be revived with a bit of a polish using Autosol. It’s a product you can buy from Bunnings  for approx $13 and it will not only bring back the shine, it also protects the surface and keeps it looking good for at least 6 months.

I used paper towel, but a soft polishing cloth would do the trick. And you really need only the smallest amount of product.

Remove any clay pieces if attached, and then wipe the Autosol on, and polish off.

Beware not to wear white though – it’s a messy process!

Use on old trophies, photo frames, stainless steel kitchen appliances if you’re so inclined.

Here is a before and after photo:

Raw Brass Earrings - Creative Finds


Auto Sol - Creative Finds


Use on sterling silver or brass – it’s actually quite therapeutic and very rewarding!

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