Bali de-brief

good morning paradise - creative finds on tour

Oh my. Bali with your buddies.

5 days and 5 nights with no kids – which essentially means; no cooking, no cleaning, no washing, no grocery shopping, no car pooling, no mediating, no negotiating, no home-work supervision…

I’ve been lucky enough to make a few trips to Bali over the years, some as a family, some as a big group of friends,  and some as a girl gang. They are all very different trips and there is something in Bali for everyone.

On this particular trip though I was combining some work, with some pleasure. But mostly the later!

I had a couple of meetings, did a spot of sourcing and met my sandal makers. We managed quite a few massages and a spot of shopping, but did more eating and cocktail drinking than anything else, and my word, the options for dining and guzzling are next level.

As a posse of 3, we outsourced our eating & shopping itinerary to B1, B2 was on cocktails, and I did bugger all, except instigate the trip in the first place, and book the odd class of yoga.

Because we stayed in a private Villa in Canggu – which is further up the coast from Seminyak and is little less busy – we decided to keep our dining and exploring local too.

The traffic is pretty horrendous to try and navigate, so staying local meant we could spend more time in the restaurants than on the road.

While Uber is not in Bali, Indonesia has their own version where you can not only get a car, but a scooter ride anywhere you want to go.

Go Jek is the app and it’s a cheap as chips method of transfers as well as food delivery.

Here’s a little visual wrap of our vaycay; the Villa, the restaurants, the shops, the sights, and the dogs.

Click on each image for links to the various places.

I’ll write another post soon about the work part of the trip,  and then another one entirely for all the wall murals. The whole area was very instagram-able!

Who’s coming with me on the next trip??


Pink Kaftan - Creative Finds
Holiday Dressing – complementing the Villa


Bali Villa - Creative Finds


Bali Villa - Creative Finds
Master Suite


Villa interiors - Creative Finds
Villa Interiors



good morning paradise - creative finds on tour
sunrise over the villa and rice terraces


coffees at Copenhagen - creative finds on tour
morning coffees at Copenhagen


all ready for the juicer @ Copengagen - creative finds on tour
fruit all ready for juicing at Copenhagen


Shopping at Cove in Canggu - creative finds on tour
retail therapy at Island Cove Essentials


Retail Therapy - creative finds on tour
the colours!


The Attic x Lilya - creative finds on tour
The Attic x Lilya Canggu


tonic day spa Canggu - creative finds on tour
time for a treatment


Day Spa Canggu - Creative Finds on Tour
bliss awaits beyond those pink doors!


tonic day spa - creative finds on tour
Interiors on point at Tonic


Tonic day spa - creative finds on tour
don’t mind if I do…


sunset drinks - La Brisa - Creative Finds on Tour
sunset drinks at La Brisa


sunset drinks - La Brisa - Creative Finds on Tour
…and what a sunset it was!


The Shady Shack Bali - Creative Finds on Tour
cauliflower nasi goreng at The Shady Shack


Frangipanis - Creative Finds on Tour


Give Cafe Canggu - creative finds
breakfast at Give Cafe Canggu


breakfast at give cafe Canggu - creative finds
give cafe – where 100% of profits are given to a charity that the customer can choose


Pink Outdoor Shower - Creative Finds on Tour
afternoon swim and shower


Bali Buddha


Cocktail Hour - Creative Finds on Tour
cocktail hour – again!


Bamboo Straws at The Lawn Canggu - Creative Finds on Tour
Bamboo Straws at The Lawn Canggu


Billy Ho - Creative Finds on Tour
fave dish of the trip  – deep fried chicken skins w truffle mash at Billy Ho….soooo good!


digestif - Billy Ho - Creative Finds on Tour
after dinner drinks @ Billy Ho


Billy Ho - Creative Finds on Tour
Billy Ho cocktails…seriously!


Bali Buda - Creative Finds on Tour
breakfast at Bali Buda – how about that condiment tray, too cute!


Massages at Samadi - Creative Finds on Tour
Massages at Samadi – our local!


Swinging and swigging - Como Beach Club Canggu - Creative finds on tour
chilling and swinging at Como


marigolds at Como - Creative finds on tour
marigolds at Como Beach Club


day bed at La Brisa - Creative Finds on tour
Day Bed at La Brisa


Antibiotic Tonic at Bali Buda - creative finds on tour
Tonic Time – delish!


outside old mans Canggu - creative finds on tour
Outside Old Mans – this mural is next level!


Dogs on watch - creative finds
furry friends keeping watch on the precious cargo (kitchen scraps presumably for the chooks)


cosmetic bag - creative finds
cometic bag doing it’s thing!


fish bone local - creative finds on tour
Dinner at Fish Bone Local


Fish Bone Local - creative finds on tour
More top notch tucker. How much great food can three ladies eat?


After dinner drinks at The Lawn Canggu - creative finds on tour
After dinner drinks – but of course!


Afternoon pick me up - Nude Canggu - Creative finds on tour
morning pick me up at Nude


MamaSan Bali - Creative Finds on Tour
stopped in to eat at an old favourite en route to the airport….Mama San! Nice full tummy for that red eye flight home…


Weavings for Galangan Day - Creative Finds on tour
colourful and spiritual weavings everywhere in Bali – island of the gods.



As you can see, the trip was all about living our best lives!

Eating, shopping, massages, cocktails, swimming, sunbathing, good chats and downtime.

What more could a girl ask for?












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