Meet the Maker – Tassel Slides

Whilst in Bali on our girls vaycay, I made sure to visit the lovely makers responsible for bringing my leather slide designs to life.

Tucked away in the back streets of Kuta, are Iwan and his wife Retno who have a family business that they operate in a shed outside their home.

Here they make leather sandals and slides with their team; Imas and Hadi.

Here they are with their adorable baby Amira:

Family business!


The slides are made from start to finish by hand.

Each one meticulously produced, step by step by this team of (rather short!?!) Balinese Gentlemen.


Team Photo; Me with Iwani, Imam and Hadi


Imam at his work bench


Hadi on the glue..


first cut of the soles..


the stitching done by hand on this Vintage Singer Sewing Machine!


This green machine stamps the leather with my logo!




Special respect for another Mum juggling her business and her baby – and in this case literally! Little Amira looks so cozy in there!


Knowing by whom and where my slides are made is of such great importance to me.

To see that this happy team of craftspeople are able to work from their home with their families and using their creative talents, makes my heart soar.

After all this is exactly what I’m also striving for.  It’s universal!

I’m looking forward to working with Iwani & Retna to bring some more creations to life in the future.

S x


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